Monday, January 1, 2018

Jesus … Way to wholeness

Morning: Psalm 103; Isaiah 62:1–5, 10–12; Revelation 19:11–16
‘Jesus’, from the Hebrew, Yeshua, means “YHWH makes whole.”  For Jews, the name ‘God’ is too holy to be spoken; the 4 letters YHWH in Hebrew probably mean, “He who causes ‘that which is’ to be.”  So Jesus’ name means: “The Creator is making Creation whole.”  Therefore, for me, the Way of Jesus is a path to wholeness.  Just as Jesus’ mysterious name reflects the mystery of his birth, much in Creation is beyond our comprehension.  But if you think it’s worth reaching for deeper understanding, fasten your seat belts for another year of exploration!  Happy New Year, travelling companions!

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