Thursday, March 23, 2017

Truth sets us free (from our phones!?)

Morning: Psalm 42, 43; Jeremiah 10:11-24; Romans 5:12-21
Evening: Psalm 85, 86; John 8:21-32
Idols are substitutes for God, ‘little gods’: power, money, TV stars, and screens! … Have you seen that crowd of people all bowed down (literally) before their cell-phones!? These little gods did not create everything; we made them! – Strange that we seem to worship things we make!?  Whether we are captivated by our idols, or trying not to be, we need courage to be ourselves, rather than something we’re not.  Courage comes from the Creator, not from us.  Jesus, God’s creative Word, shows us our true selves … being yourself is so freeing, and takes so little effort.


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